FLW Fantasy Fishing Gives Away 1 Million!
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How to play FLW Outdoors Fantasy Fishing

1) Sign up for your free account
Sign up now for your free account on FantasyFishing.com and you're halfway home to winning some of the greatest prizes ever offered in fantasy sports.
With $10 million cash on the line, you surely don't want to go it alone. The Player's Advantage is the easiest way to gain the edge on the competition. It has all the stats, maps, expert analysis and tournament breakdowns to help you make the best picks possible.
3) Create and edit your team
Analyze the tournament roster and select and rank 10 anglers to fill out your team. Points are based on where anglers finish in each tournament.
4) Create or join a league
Join friends and family in a league all your own. Post league stories and images, talk smack on your league message board, and see who's the smartest fishing fanatic among the group. It's always more fun when you beat friends and family.

Prizes Listed Here and a chance to win 1,000,000 Million Dollars!

You will be required to field a 10 angler team for the 7 tournament FLW Tour schedule. There are 8 opportunities to win prizes, because in addition to the 7 tournaments they give away some awesome prizes for the top 43 fantasy players at the end of the season.

Do you have to know anything about FLW Professional Bass Fisherman to have a shot at a prize? While knowledge of the anglers certainly helps, many of the winners last year knew next to nothing about FLW Professional Bass Fishermen. I think you can elect to have a 10 angler roster picked for you but I think it is more fun if you do it yourself. For $10 you can sign up for a service called Players Advantage that makes picking a team much easier. I use Players Advantage and recommend it because the prizes you can win are so significant.

The 1st tournament of the year is Feb. 12th at Lake Guntersville, so don’t delay and sign up now.

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