The Reaction Innovation Squeaky Dolphin Buzzbait!
1:47 PM | Author: Tech Tactical

The Reaction Innovation Squeaky Dolphin bait is a buzzbait that has been designed to provide a unique presentation compared to any other buzzbaits on the market. This buzzbait has a few unique features that help draw in fish and make them commit to strike the lure. Like all Reaction Innovation baits the Squeaky Dolphin comes in assortment of great colors, with even a yellow headed blackbird imitation.

The Squeaky Dolphin is accurately named due to the special rivet system that has been designed to emit a squeak as the buzzbait blade turns in the water as you reel it back to the boat. The rivet creates pressure on the blade creating a different sound than what normal buzzbaits make, even if you hang it out your truck window when driving trying to wear out the rivet. You don’t need to do that with this buzzbait it squeaks correctly right out of the package.

The head on this buzzbait has an innovative feature, a small brass ball is embedded onto the top of the head and raised just high enough to occasionally clack with the blade as it is retrieved. This causes an additional layer of sound of and vibration to present largemouth bass a bait that they are not accustomed to seeing swimming by their homes.

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