Bass lure mods are a great way to improve baits you already have in your tacklebox! With a few dollars at your local bait store can buy you several low cost upgrades! Things like extra skirts for you worn out old ones on your favorite spinnerbaits, Jigs and Poppers. Different size snap rings for your crankbaits and other plugs can increase action of the lure and hang your hooks lower for better hookholds. The new mustad truehold hooks work great for replacement trebles.

Maybe use a red treble hook up front on a rattletrap or crankbait for that bleeding edge. Using glitter and dies to add more colors to beatup older lures you just cant get rid of cause you remember those huge lunkers you caught of that particular lure over the years. A black or red or any other color sharpie will work to put more speckles under your rubber frogs or other lures giving it a more realistic presentation to the fish.

Trimming up skirts on jigs and spinnerbaits is also a plus for better presentations. You can even trim the weedless hairs on your jigs shorter and angled at the hook for better hooksets. Changing out the blades on spinner baits for different conditions. Colorodo or Indiana style blades for that stained water will cause more vibration. Willow style blades will give you the speed and flash you need in clear water conditions. Rigging trailor hooks on spinnerbaits and using grub style soft plastic trailors rigged curly tail down when you need that extra beef up for stained water.

Hook sharpeners are cheap and are a must to keep all your bronze hooks razor sharp, although there is no replacement for true needlepoint hooks like Gamakatsu makes for rigging worms and other soft plastic baits. Gamakatsu also makes true needle point treble hooks.

These are just a few tips off the top of my head. There are many more things you can do to tune and modify your lures for maximum performance. If you know of any great tips feel free to comment on this post and share your knowledge.

Always remember the best lure in the boat is your own confidence! Being aware and in tune with your own knowledge of the sport. No matter what mother nature throws at you.

See ya on the water!

Tip Via - The Basskicker

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On April 12, 2009 at 7:16 AM , LarryB said...

Woa, great post on modding lures you've built here friend! Very nice Vid too! I've just added a link to this fine tweaking piece on my little blog over at Just bloggin' because it goes with some of my recent entries quite well. Hope you don't mind. :-)