Bass Photos Dan and Tommy!
8:47 PM | Author: Tech Tactical

The Three Pictures above are of Tommys ( My brother in law ) 6 lbs 6oz Largemouth Bass caught off a top water Hedden popper silver/black color. I was just as excited as him watching him crank it in! It was a great day for both of us! We didn't realize till later the quality of the pictures, but hey at least we got em! If you bass fish at all you know how violent a big bass like that can hit a top water lure, and this one really hit it hard! It was caught at the edge of a feeding creek to the lake with alot of rocks covering the outlet. We weighed it in at the local bait shop on the way home. Being it was late summertime I think this one would of been a mounter if caught earlier in the year. We won't mount a fish unless its 7 pounds or better!

This fish weighed in at 5 lbs 4oz and was caught on a Purple Zoom brand Black body with Blue Tail Lizzard. Ive seen alot of nice fish using these Blue Tailed lizzards since they are a real common lizzard native to this area in the midwest. This fish was caught in a creek bed that sits in the middle of the lake in about 2-4 ft. of water that drops off on both sides of the lake it was so aggressive that the whole water waved up like a wirlpool just got turned on! It was a very exciting experience I'll never forget. Its one of those things where you just had to be there!

I caught the bass above and another one just like it back to back within about 5 mins between time in the exact same spot both weighing 4 lbs 13 oz and 4 lbs 9 oz on a Top water Rapala Skitter Pop White and Yellow in color with a white silver glitter hair skirt on a private lake near an old sunken bridge road bed by some submerged tree logs. Both bass came up to the surface from about 8-10 ft of water. The water was super clear that particular day. 2 nice fish like that within 5 mins got me fired up for the rest of the day! We both did really well.

Two more nice bass caught on rattletrap silver with red spots on a very windy day at Bluegrass FWA (Bluegrass pit) these were the bigger ones in the live well that day 3 lbs and 4 lbs. Had about 8 keepers that day between the both of us. We Caught about 30 or 40 unconsciously on that particular color rattletrap it was a great time.

We are going to take alot more pictures in the future to throw up on the blog and maybe some video clips also. We can't wait for the season to start! We would also like to hear from some of the locals around the midwest in the comments. Share your catches, where you fish? What types of baits work for you? Feel free to share your pics and info for the quest of bass fishing in the midwest!

Remember to always take time out to take a kid fishing! Even if you dont have any kids of your own grab a niece, a nephew, a cousin, whoever it may be. There is nothing like watching the excitement of a young one catching his or her first fish. Drag em away from that X-box or internet or whatever they do in the daily routine of their lives and keep the sport of bass fishing alive. That little kid may grow up to be the next Hank Parker or Bill Dance! Even if they dont go pro you have givin them something that they can enjoy the rest of their lives. There is nothing like the peace and serenity of a lake out in the wild of nature! See ya on the water.
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