High Tech Fishing Lures on the rise 2009!
2:29 PM | Author: Tech Tactical

It was only a matter of time before fishing lures went ultra-high-tech. From afar, the new BioPulse might look like an innocent crankbait. Upon closer inspection, an angler is likely shocked by the complexity. The BioPulse is packed with science, with an aspect of the lure targeting a bass’ sound, vision, smell, taste and vibration awareness.

Technology from some of America’s leading biologists combined to create the BioPulse. Some of the amazingly advanced features include a Bite-Release
Cavity that makes the lure behave like a living food source when bitten and a sound emission/generation system that revolves around an advanced transducer system.

The Berkley Gulp! Alive! baits are in their second year of existence, and still pros are clamoring about the realism of the various products. A favorite for 2009 might be the new bass-luring Gulp! Alive! 3-inch Nuclear Nelly, which sports the shape of a sunfish with the appendages of a crayfish. The mix is already having an impact with professional anglers. Read More
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